First two years of Aggranda

Published on in Robotic Process Automation by Cristian Ignat

Our brand name, Aggranda, comes from the verb to aggrandize, which means to amplify, to magnify, to increase.

Creating time for your business is our business.


We do it with the help of software robots. These robots take on the time-consuming repetitive aspects of work that have traditionally burdened many workers. By doing so, they free people up to have more time. That means more time to invest in more meaningful tasks such as analyzing and decision making, being creative or enhancing the customer experience, just to name a few.

With the help of software robots, overtime and human mistakes should be a thing of the past! Because our robots free up time, organizations have more of it, and can thus more easily scale their processes. By minimizing mundane work, they help put attrition issues to rest.

The Aggranda brand is very fresh, having been launched only one year ago. But we’ve been working on the RPA project for almost 2 years. It all started with a pilot project under Canopy – the sister company of Aggranda. Rosy, our very first software robot, was saving Canopy 10-12 hours every month. Rosy became viral in Romania, where we have our offices. As other clients began to see what Rosy was capable of, we started to get increasingly more requests from them for similar robots.

After some time, we decided to separate the RPA services side of the company into a new brand. That is how Aggranda was born.

Our approach to RPA is different than many other companies that offer similar services. We invest a lot in education and marketing. Our aim is to build a very solid center of excellence that can be accessed easily from anywhere in the world.

Investing in education

Although RPA has been part of the IT landscape since the ‘90s, the use of the technology at a large scale is something relatively new. It has grown very fast in a very short period of time. And it’s because of its rapid expansion across various domains that we think education is paramount for assuring people best understand the technology and how to use it.

We organize 2 educational events under the Aggranda brand, and UiPath is the main partner for both of them: the RPA Meet-up and RPA Day.

RPA Meet-up is a monthly event organized in Iași, Romania – where our Center of Excellence is physically located. Last year we had 9 meet-ups. This event is dedicated to bringing together developers who want to learn how to build software robots.

You can see a sneak peek from our events in the video below:


RPA Day is an event focused on educating clients about automation with RPA, AI, and Machine Learning. We had 2 editions of the event last year in Bucharest, Romania. Both events were a full-house, and we had participants from companies like Continental Automotive, OMV Petrom, OTP Bank, Leroy Merlin, Michelin, and many more. We will continue with this event in 2020, and we aim to extend it to other countries.

Speakers at events

Likewise, we were happy to share our experiences with participants from big events all over the world. Some of the events where Aggranda contributed as speakers were the RPA & AI Summit in Berlin, Growth Marketing Conference in San Francisco, GPeC – the biggest e-commerce event from Romania, Tecomm, ecomTEAM, and many others.

So far, for 2020 we’ve confirmed that we will be speaking at the Chatbot Conference in New York City.

RPA Projects in 2019

We built dozens of robots in 2019. You can see some of our RPA case studies on the dedicated page. We gained experience in developing software robots in industries like finance and accounting, HR, logistics. We will mention just a few use cases on this blog post, and you can see them all our RPA case studies:

Processing Orders in retail

On-boarding from the HR Department

Reconciliation and other processes from the accounting department

Preparing packages to be delivered in a logistic center

We even helped Santa Claus to deliver the toys for children, watch Rudolph here:

2019 was a year for learning, establishing and creating relations for Aggranda.

Last year we built strong partnerships in Europe and the USA, and we can’t wait to grow together in 2020.