RPA Internship 2023

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Ready to Embark on Your UiPath Journey?

Our previous internship was a resounding success, with over 100 RPA interns from across the globe joining us to explore the world of UiPath automation. Participants hailed from diverse locations, including Romania, the USA, the UK, Argentina, Spain, India, and Nigeria. Together, they collaborated with us to create UiPath Automations. Many of our former interns have since become RPA Developers in leading companies within their respective countries and continue to excel in their careers.

Now, we’re on the lookout for the next generation of enthusiastic interns who are eager to dive into the world of UiPath and embark on this automation journey with us.

The internship will be conducted online, welcoming candidates from anywhere in the world. Our primary objective with this internship is to foster the RPA community by offering guidance to anyone interested in becoming a UiPath RPA Developer. Our seasoned team, with years of successful experience, is here to mentor you on this exciting journey.

Here is what Ovais says about our internship:

“My experience with Aggranda as an RPA Intern has been amazing. The hands-on experience has helped me secure my job as a full time RPA Consultant at the largest IT company from Pakistan. For someone who is new to RPA, this experience is priceless. They taught me tips and tricks regarding UiPath and shown that they really care about their Intern’s success.”

Here is what Meena says about our internship:

“At the time of completion of Advanced UiPath RPA developer certification, the internship at Aggranda has given me an opportunity to apply my knowledge and explore more about UiPath and RPA. It helped me to gain knowledge about RPA in a practical way. The experience of RPA intern at Aggranda led me to get my full time job as an RPA developer. Thanks Aggranda, for providing this opportunity!”

Internship structure

The internship is unpaid and spans one month, beginning on September 25, 2023. Each week, interns will engage in 2 to 3-hour sessions with our team’s two Senior Developers. During these sessions, you’ll receive the guidance and training necessary to successfully complete a comprehensive end-to-end UiPath Automation project, adhering to high-quality standards. You’ll gain practical insights from real-life use cases we’ve encountered during our automation journey, along with invaluable best practices, tips, and tricks to aid you on your automation journey.


  • Assistance in developing a fully functional UiPath Software Robot
  • Learning from our top RPA Developers & Business Analysts
  • Accelerated learning curve through hands-on practice
  • Internship experience at Aggranda
  • Personalized Certificate of Completion
  • Featured blog presentation on the Aggranda Blog along with your contact details (LinkedIn, Email Address)
  • Exposure to other RPA companies
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Opportunity to potentially join Aggranda


  • UiPath Academy – RPA StarterFully Completed
  • UiPath Academy – RPA Developer FoundationFully Completed
  • UiPath Academy – RPA Developer Advanced – Optional, Highly Recommended
  • Proficiency in English
  • Self-learning abilities
  • Ambitious, motivated, and curious mindset
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Self-learning – emphasized twice because it’s THAT important 🙂

Location: Anywhere

Application Deadline: October 20, 2023

Internship Period: October 25, 2023 – November 24, 2023

Interested? Apply here

The goal for each intern is to construct a functional software robot using UiPath and gain an enriching learning experience in the process. Join us in shaping the future of automation!