Robotic Process Automation

There’s a technology behind the magic of getting
your time back. It’s called Robotic Process Automation,
or RPA.



To automate.

RPA allows us to develop and configure software
robots that take over the repetitive daily tasks in a
company. It is said that a software robot is having the
eyes and the hands of a
person: it sees what the person is doing, and it does
exactly the same.

So, while a software robot will be doing the tedious
work, you and your team will have time to strategize
and collaborate more.


To Progress.

Here’s how the magic happens:

01Firstly, we get to know your company by observing and analysing all the processes running daily, weekly or monthly.

02Secondly, we diagnose the processes in high detail, based on their efficiency and productivity. This helps us decide together which ones are optimal for automation. Let’s have a look at how efficiency could be improved in several industries.

03The third step is to acknowledge that once all of these processes are entrusted to software robots, your employees will be inspired to foster their time into more rewarding activities.

The processes we are mostly interested in are highly-manual and repetitive, based on standardized and predictive rules, with high frequency and high volumes, and where fundamental changes in scenarios are not required or rare.

The Human Resources (HR) industry is highly-exposed to manual and repetitive tasks. It shouldn’t. We have the means and the experience to develop software robots that can improve efficiency for:

Data entry


Joiners, movers, leavers

Time management

Benefits administration

Recruitment (back office)

Compliance and reporting

Personnel administration

The Finance & Accounting industry is where software robots are at their full potential when it comes to positive impact on cost savings, efficiency, and productivity. Integrate one of our agile robots into your team for:

Procure-to-pay (AP)



Time management

Vendor management


Incentive claims

Sales order

The Supply Chain operations are often a compromise between cost and value, having to deal with accuracy and human errors. But now you can minimize this compromise by simply leaving the robotic work to our robots:

Inventory management

Demand and supply planning

Invoice and contract management

Work order management

Returns processing

Freight management

Within the top-notch IT Services industry there are low-level organizational tasks that are consuming much of the time that could be spent on pioneering thinking instead. Let us develop for you a robot that’s very fond of routines:

Software deployment

Server and app monitoring

Routine maintenance & monitoring

Email processing and distribution

Batch processing

Backup & restoration

So, what do you say:

Time to think of a name for your new team player?