They say
nobody can buy time.
We challenge them.

Welcome to the future of work, where
software robots keep your valuable time
where it belongs to – with you.

How is that possible?

Keep scrolling and find out how we make
8 hours a day enough for business success.

They say
repetition makes the master.
We say repetitiveness breaks them.

A day in the life of a company is sprinkled with


Important as they are, they bring nothing to your employees’ skillsets or sense of fulfilment. Nor do they add to your company’s creativity, energy, or vision.

Time has come to unload robotic work from your team’s shoulders, freeing them up in no time for high-potential, highly-fulfilling projects.

Saving 10,000 hours / year for a single client

They say work hard.

We say work smarter.

Software robots are trained to undertake tedious
work. Their unique computer vision and robotics
components give them the ability to see the screen
as you do and act exactly the same as you would. No
wonder we give them names.

The far-reaching benefits robots can bring to your team include:

Reduced costs

A robot costs up to 80% less than an employee

Minimised errors

A robot reduces risk errors caused by repetitive tasks

Faster scaling

A robot works 24 hours a day and three times faster than a human

Faster ROI generation

You can see the results within the first months after deployment

Swift launch

We develop robots in as little as one month

Expanded capabilities

You and your team will have more time for high-value tasks

Improved customer experience

Your team can now focus on client service

Working on existing IT systems

A robot works on your existing platforms as any other employee

UiPath Software Robots saving 10,000 hours every year

They say multitasking is a myth.

Tell this to our robots.

Regardless of the industry, issues in efficiency and productivity will always arise when it comes to repetitive work. That’s why we train software robots to take over these tasks using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology, in any of the following industries:


Finance & Banking



Public Sectors






Logo UiPath

We partner with UiPath, the most user-friendly RPA platform out there, to develop software robots through integrated machine learning and AI technologies.


Flawless accounting work
done three times faster.

Doing the on-boardings
and ex-boardings in the HR department
while you’re in a meeting.

Creating your monthly report
for the board meeting while
you’re delivering a speech
at a networking business event.

Imagine getting your time back.

They say Aggranda is the future.

On this, we agree.

We, at Aggranda, simplify your business by swiftly transferring ordinary tasks from employees to software robots, so you can move your business to the fast-track.

USN Certified

Aggranda is part of the Elite Partners of UiPath Service Network (USN Partners).


We’ve developed software robots for global industry leaders.


If you don’t recover your investment in maximum 6 months, we guarantee all your money back.

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