Gartner ReimagineHR in London 2022 – 5 Reasons to Join

Published on in Robotic Process Automation by Cristian Ignat

Spring 2022 is turning out to be the toughest time ever for those working in HR or recruiting.

First, there’s the Great Resignation! Who would have thought that during a pandemic, with all the accompanying business disruptions, people would choose to deprioritize their employment?

Second, offices are finally opening back up, but nobody seems to be eager to return after two full years of working from home.

The HR market has changed dramatically, both internationally and locally. HR practices of the early 2000s have already become obsolete, while newer practices are having a much harder time catching on. That’s why right now is the best time to reinvent them.

Reinventing everything HR-related is the core reason why Gartner, the world-leading tech research & consulting company, is organizing ReimagineHR. The event is expected to host discussions primarily among CHROs and executive development consultants. The general agenda is set to cover a broader range of HR and recruiting issues that companies are facing today.

So why does this event deserve a separate blog post? Because Aggranda is attending, obviously! And not just attending, but participating as one of the event’s partners.

There is a whole list of reasons, big and small, why you should participate as well. In this post, we’ll be focusing on the top five.

Five reasons why we expect to meet you in person at Gartner ReimagineHR

1. If you can’t be a trend-setter, be a trend-spotter

Gartner’s name requires no introduction, obviously. Everyone in the international business world is familiar with the famous Magic Quadrants. But Gartner’s analytical reports are just the tip of a massive iceberg of the company’s diverse research activities.

If you are looking to get back to in-person events this year — place your bets on an event with ROI guaranteed. You’ll get back to your office with a bunch of insights to test, a thick pack of business cards, and dozens of new contacts on Linkedin.

2. Seeking answers to uncomfortable questions

If you look at the agenda of earlier events by Gartner, you would instantly notice that the company is brave enough to discuss questions that someone else would find inconvenient to even formulate:

How to reconcile performance and social fairness when shaping an internal wage strategy?

What is the most realistic approach to building a company’s culture when you have a geographically dispersed workforce?

Where is the limit in being proactive when it comes to talent acquisition?

These and many other sensitive topics will be discussed on the basis of real and successfully implemented use cases.

3. Recruiting and reward strategies need to be rewritten from scratch

Hybrid work mode and long-distance hiring now require the development of brand new approaches to how we find new talents and retain them later on.

Candidates these days have radically different expectations (and not only salary-related ones), but they also tend to ask rather unanticipated questions, and recruiters are not always prepared to answer them.

Performance is much harder to measure fairly these days since employees work in different time zones, often choosing flexible hours instead of the traditional 9-to-5.

Time-proven perks, like gourmet in-office lunches or branded swag, are simply not enough anymore.

Looking for some inspiration? Let’s not reinvent the wheel. There are always people who tried something, failed, and then tried again. And these people come to ReimagineHR to share their experiences, both positive and not so positive.

4. Looking to hire and onboard faster? It’s time to dive into tech and automate

It is no secret that during the pandemic, and subsequent lockdown, absolutely every industry became much more sophisticated and tech-savvy. HR and recruiting are no exception in this regard.

Suppose you are already at the stage of acknowledging the problem and you are well aware that HR processes can be digitized and at least partially automated. In that case, it is time to talk to a professional.

Aggranda chose to participate in ReimagineHR because of our most successful experience in automating recruitment and onboarding processes (and paperwork, most importantly!).

For First Bank, Aggranda has developed a HR software robot that now performs the most mundane tasks for the bank’s recruiters — summarizing data on potential candidates into reports, generating standardized job offers for the selected candidates, managing onboarding documents for all new hires, and so on. According to the calculations of recruiters, our software robot saves them at least 120 hours each month!

Then, we also have Arya — a UiPath HR software robot that we have built for Provident, a home loans company. Arya manages 99% of all onboarding and offboarding paperwork at Provident, including job position announcements, background checks, and employment offers. Thanks to Arya’s ability to take over all mundane paperwork, all onboarding documentation at Provident is processed in a fraction of the time without human error.

Sounds tempting? Come to ReimagineHR and let’s talk!

5. No more Zoom presentations! Just first-hand, real-life experiences only.

In our professional opinion, the best part about any in-person event is the exhibition hall.

Powerpoint presentations can be convincing enough, YouTube videos may look really professional, but nothing beats an actual conversation with a developer.

This is why Aggranda is not only the Silver partner of ReimagineHR but is also exhibiting its use cases at an actual booth.

Come to meet our team and bring your questions along with you.

The Gartner ReimagineHR Conference will take place on September 15-16 2022, in London, UK. Early-bird registration is still open!