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HR Software Robot for First Bank

A recruiter is a valuable player in any company’s human resource (HR) team. But sometimes recruiters can be so overloaded with menial tasks that it makes it hard for them to do what they’re best at doing. 

This is a real-life story about how First Bank was able to successfully transform the recruiter’s job into a focused value-added and enjoyable position.

Here is a list of the main responsibilities for an experienced highly educated recruiter:

  • Identify future hiring needs and create relevant job descriptions with the hiring managers
  • Post the new jobs on all the hiring platforms
  • Frequently check new applicants on each platform and assess applicants’ knowledge, skills, experience
  • Conduct interviews
  • Create the legal contract and all the related paperwork for each new hire
  • Completing paperwork and recruitment reports on top of all the above steps
  • Implement legislation updates into an organization

The most boring and mundane tasks, including the copy/paste work, are the ones in bold. These tasks can consume up to 50% of a recruiter’s time spent onboarding an employee.

The onboarding process is very complex and contains a lot of decisions and collaboration on tasks. The process was adapted and improved by Aggranda and the First Bank team.

In this demo, you will see a software robot performing the onboarding process for the new employees from First Bank. The robot saves more than 120 hours every single month for the First Bank team.