Five Reasons to Join Unleash America 2022 in Las Vegas

Published on in Robotic Process Automation by Cristian Ignat

Remember networking? Not the endless Zoom calls with multiple small icons, but actual networking, with jokes, insights, and a thick pile of business cards at the end. Maybe it’s time to bring those fun days back into our lives.

This summer (May 25-26), UNLEASH America is returning to an in-person event after a two-year hiatus. And guess where the venue is. Las Vegas, of course.

UNLEASH conferences have been a can’t-miss global event for HR, recruitment, and talent management professionals for over a decade now. This year, over 1,500 attendees have already confirmed their attendance. And you should absolutely join them, even if you are not an HR professional! In this gradually reopening business world, rare events on such a scale and agenda simply cannot be missed. 

Still not sure you are ready to face so many people in the flesh at once? 

First, the necessary safety protocols still apply, with all the measures taken to guarantee proper social distancing between participants. Special measures will also be taken to prevent overcrowding in conference rooms.

Secondly, we’ve got several appealing reasons to consider that may just change your mind!

Why you should participate in UNLEASH America 2022

1. Only top brands are on the agenda

The IT sector is represented by heavy players such as Oracle and Zoom (and who knows about business success under the pandemic better than Zoom, right?). The FMCG sector is represented by Coca-Cola. Uber, Netflix, and PayPal will also have a lot to share considering all the changes they’ve been through during the last two years.

Interested in something truly out-of-the-box and unorthodox? UNLEASH has a speaker from the FBI!

2. Pandemic shifts worth discussing

Tons of things have changed due to the pandemic. Everyone switched to WFH and a hybrid working mode. Everyone’s work-life balance has changed. Recruiting arguments have changed. Office perks were just about irrelevant during job interviews. Onboarding and other HR processes became automated and virtual, often completely but sometimes partially. Numerous other software solutions were developed to become an integral part of HR. 

All these are hot trends that will be openly shared and discussed during the two days of UNLEASH America. You can be on the sharing side, or on the listening and following advice side. Do you have a nagging question or a WFH-related pain point? UNLEASH is where you might find your answer as well as your inspiration to do better.

3. Sensitive topics that now have a voice

After two years of keeping our thoughts and feelings at bay, conference speakers now initiate discussions that were nearly impossible in the pre-pandemic world.

Speakers from Zoom will hold a discussion about feelings in the workplace. Clearly not a conference conversation you could have had back in 2019. It’s time to talk about anxiety, panic, and grief in the workplace. And more importantly — what can we do about them?

Speakers from Uber and Netflix (doing a joint session on Day 2) have chosen a no less important topic — personalized benefits under this new age of “work from anywhere”. How do you make sure employees stay engaged when they are two plane flights away from the head office? That’s a question most HR managers are asking themselves these days.

4. Networking reinvented

Post-pandemic or not, one thing about conference events will always remain the same: conferences mean active networking; networking means new business contacts; new business contacts mean new sales opportunities! Do you have a product that could be potentially interesting for HRs and recruiters? UNLEASH offers you a unique opportunity to meet hundreds of them in one day.

It has been proven multiple times by now that deals signed face-to-face during a memorable event have a much higher chance to become a long-term contract.

5. Improved brand awareness

Direct participation in one of the early in-person events of this post-pandemic period is a huge reputational benefit in itself. Check-in, tweet, publish photos from the event — make yourself visible, and not just on social media. 

Conferences are not only about learning and networking, they are also about representing yourself. Even if you are not a key speaker or a golden sponsor of an event, there is still a lot you can do to boost the image and reputation of your business, provided you are actively engaged in the event itself. 

BONUS REASON: We are coming too, so let’s meet and talk! 

Aggranda is happy to confirm its participation in UNLEASH America.

We’ve decided to join primarily because of our existing HR clients as we have a lot of knowledge and experience to showcase and share.

The Aggranda team is not coming alone, we are bringing Arya, a HR software robot built on the UiPath platform, with us. 

Arya works in the HR department and does the following tasks:

  • Prepares candidate lists before face-to-face interviews, background checks included
  • Prepares employment offers for the most qualified candidates, using a go-to template
  • Creates legal contracts as well as any additional accompanying documentation
  • Generates post-hiring reports
  • Pre-fills the description and salary details for a newly vacant position automatically, using data from existing documents

You can see Arya from Provident in action here:

You can see here another example of HR automation here:

Are these the processes that you personally would like to see automated in your HR office? Then it’s high time we meet and talk!

We hope to see you soon at UNLEASH America 2022!