RPA Internship 2022 – Finalists

Published on in Robotic Process Automation by Laurentiu Naum

We’re really proud to announce this year’s Internship Finalists!

The 2022 Internship ended a couple weeks ago, after 45 days of hard work and research from the participants. It was quite a journey, with plenty of growth opportunities – both for the interns and for us.

We’re glad to conclude that everyone involved had their share of Development, be it RPA or personal development. 🙂

Out of 100+ internship applicants, 11 made it with the final project by submitting a fully-functional, end-to-end automation they have designed and built on the UiPath Platform. Congratulations are in order to the below finalists, for their patience, dedication and, above all, willingness to learn (alphabetically ordered):

  • Anjali DahiyaIndia, with ”RPAStars”, demonstrating a lot of technical know-how by completing difficult automation challenges. 
  • Devendra Singh – India, with ”Supply Chain Bot” – an automated assistant that speeds things up in handling supply chain issues. 
  • Garima Karve – India, with “Insurance Bot”, a robot that helps people gather insurance related data in a quick way that is easy to access.
  • Getheswari D – India, with “HR Employee Onboarding”, an automation suitable for the HR Department, that automates the process of enrolling a new employee into the company 
  • Mohammed WaseemIndia, with “Balance Sheet Account Reconciliation”, automating the process of verifying balance sheet data and informing the business user of any errors found. 
  • Mohanraam Pillai – India, with “Train Status”, a very useful automation for anyone that rides the train, providing the user with useful data related to the train they are about to board.
  • Sameer AdhikariUSA, with “RealEstateBot” – a bot that searches different real estate websites with the purpose of finding advantageous locations to rent/buy.
  • Sawaira NawazPakistan, with “PakWheels”, a useful automation that searches different car-selling websites and returns the results in an easy-to-read format.
  • Tache StefanRomania, with “PartsAdvisor” – an automation that could eventually become a standalone product. It searches the web for consumables for any vehicle and returns the best deals in a very easy to read format.
  • Tijani AbdullahNigeria, with “AutomationChallenge” – an automation that goes through a series of RPA-Related challenges and solves them in an efficient manner.
  • Tejaswini YadavIndia, with “WeatherBot”, an automation that provides useful weather-related data to the user.
  • Yunus TijaniNigeria, with “Invoice Processing Bot”, an automation that automates the data extraction and data entry from different invoice types.

If you’re interested in our future Internship Programs, feel free to follow us on LinkedIn or stay tuned on our blog – more is yet to come with the best project submissions and feedback from the participants!

Time. To learn.