RPA Internship 2021

Published on in Robotic Process Automation by Cristian Ignat

Ready for your first UiPath project?

Our last internship was a great success having over 20 participants from all over the world. We had interns from Romania, USA, UK, India, Pakistan that worked with us on building their UiPath automations. Most of them continued as RPA developers in some of the top companies in their country (and are still active).

We are looking for the next brave and ambitious interns that are willing to learn UiPath and develop automations together with us.

The internship will happen online and it is open for everybody, no matter where they are physically located. Our goal with this internship is to grow the RPA community.

Here is what Ovais says about our last internship:

“My experience with Aggranda as an RPA Intern has been amazing. The hands-on experience has helped me secure my job as a full time RPA Consultant at the largest IT company from Pakistan. For someone who is new to RPA, this experience is priceless. They taught me tips and tricks regarding UiPath and shown that they really care about their Intern’s success.”

Here is what Meena says about our last internship:

“At the time of completion of Advanced UiPath RPA developer certification, the internship at Aggranda has given me an opportunity to apply my knowledge and explore more about UiPath and RPA. It helped me to gain knowledge about RPA in a practical way. The experience of RPA intern at Aggranda led me to get my full time job as an RPA developer. Thanks Aggranda, for providing this opportunity!”

Benefits of the interns

  • develop a fully functional UiPath Software Robot
  • learn from our best RPA Developers & Business Analysts
  • accelerated learning curve by practicing
  • experience at Aggranda as intern
  • possibility to join Aggranda
  • Custom feedback and personalized recommendations from Aggranda
  • exposure to other RPA companies


  • UiPath Academy – Introduction to RPA and Automation – training completed
  • UiPath Academy – RPA Developer Foundation – training completed
  • English Speaking
  • Self learning
  • Ambitious
  • Motivated
  • Curious
  • Problem solving
  • Self learning – no, it’s not added twice by mistake – it’s just THAT important 🙂

Location: anywhere.

Application Deadline: 27 August 2021

Internship period: 1 September 2021 – 6 October 2021

Interested? Send us an email with your LinkedIn profile / CV to internship at aggranda.com

The end goal for each intern is to build a working software robot using UiPath and have an amazing experience while doing this 🙂