5 Reasons to Participate at UiPath Forward IV 2021 in Las Vegas

Published on in Robotic Process Automation by Cristian Ignat

Be honest! How much do you miss in-person meetings that bring meaningful connections?

Well, if you feel the same as we do, the good news is that the most important event for automation experts is back. UiPath Forward IV 2021 is waiting to welcome its guests on 5-6th October at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. If you hadn’t heard the good new yet, here is what you should know and why you should sign up for this event.

Now, digital transformation is more relevant than ever, taking into account that the after-effects of the pandemic will be felt in the long run. Even before, automation was a sizeable opportunity for any business that wanted to become efficient and increase its ROI, but now it has became crucial for surviving and thriving in a context led by uncertainty.  

Before diving into more details about UiPath Forward IV, let’s take a look at the events organized so far.

For example, the first UiPath Forward event took place in 2017 and welcomed over 600 attendees, had 11 sessions, and presented 12 customer and partner success stories. The event’s kickoff was with Daniel Dines, the CEO and founder of UiPath, who outlined the company’s main priorities, joined on stage by other experts.

UiPath Forward II hosted key leaders from big companies including Google, McKinsey, Microsoft, Deloitte, Celonis, and Roboyo, who shared success stories, challenges, and insights about how automation can drive success and accelerate the transformation of businesses around the world. 

On October 15-16th 2019, UiPath Forward III gathered numerous RPA practitioners and experts and hosted more than 3,000 attendees and more than 30 sessions, so that a great community was created around the world of robotic process automation (RPA)

After a pandemic year that turned everything upside down, the great UiPath event is back. As a participant at UiPath Forward 2021, you’ll find nearly 3,000 attendees interested in implementing automation and taking their businesses to the next level, hundreds of partners – and 1214 Bellagio fountains. This RPA event is the biggest UiPath event of the year.

What does the UiPath Forward IV 2021 agenda look like?

October 4th

Monday, October 4th is dedicated to UiPath Partners – Public Sector Advisory Board. After the meeting, the Public Sector Summit will take place, where public sector customers will share their stories about implementing robotic process automation (RPA).

After that, you will have access to Partner FORWARD, an exclusive pre-event gathering for hundreds of select UiPath partners. They will answer questions and share knowledge with their potential customers regarding all automation aspects.

October 5th

On Tuesday, October 5th, the topic of the first official panel of the UiPath conference is The Innovation Engine of the Fully Automated Enterprise, and it will host two keynote speeches about the actual shifts in technology and how the UiPath Platform is enabling the next wave of progress – the fully automated enterprise

Ted Kummert, EVP, Product & Engineering at UiPath will outline the innovation that powers the UiPath Platform and will share more about how to make automation across companies friction-free. Param Kahlon, Chief Product Officer at UiPath, will share the new features of the 2021.10 product release. 

Then, you will have the option to choose the access between different panels, such as:  

  • How-to Sessions, where UiPath practitioners share automation achievements to solve a specific challenge;
  • Innovation Sessions – where you will see the latest product release and innovation;
  • Inspiration Sessions – where you will hear inspirational customer stories showcasing how automation is enabling digital transformation. 

You will then have the opportunity to listen to Daniel Dines share his view about automation in 2021. In his opinion, the fully automated company is the next natural step of automation evolution. 

October 6th

On Wednesday October 6th, the second official day of the RPA conference, there will be general sessions with guest speakers who will share their ideas about how you can turn digital transformation from dream to reality in your company. After that, the How-to, Innovation, Inspiration, and General Sessions will take place.

You can register for the UiPath conference 2021 now on the UiPath website. The general admission conference pass gives you access to all sessions, Expertsville, both the Welcome Reception and the Automation Celebration, and all hosted meals. It’s important to mention that the conference pass does not include travel and hotel expenses.

What you should know about the safety measures at UiPath Forward IV 2021

The event will take place respecting all safety measures: the venues will have hand sanitizer options, ventilation, and continuous cleaning. Also, UiPath has created an “inside-out” experience, hosting Expertsville – a unique exhibit area of best practices and learning. 

The event also limited the capacity for the Keynote Theater (instead of 5,000 capacity seats, only 2,300 seats will be available) and the seats at each table were reduced from 11 to 9. The panels of discussions will also be video streamlined so people can watch from their hotel rooms. Guests will find in their welcome bag: masks, hand sanitizer, and sunscreen. Please check this information as it may evolve, due to the current pandemic situation.

Top 5 reasons why you should participate at UiPath Forward IV 2021

UiPath Forward Las Vegas addresses customers, prospective customers, sponsoring and invited partners, industry and financial analysts, members of the press, UiPath employees, and every RPA aficionado. 

Now let’s see what are the main reasons why you should book your spot if you are still not convinced:

1.     Gain access to top RPA experts

Due to practical workshops and thought-provoking sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from the best RPA practitioners across the globe how to start a successful digital transformation journey, and how RPA changes business processes to drive innovation, efficiency, and productivity for your company. 

2.     Expand your knowledge

During UiPath Forward, you’ll have access to panels full of valuable insights, hands-on workshops, inspiring sessions, and networking forums. You will be able to gain more knowledge about automation and how RPA can help your company grow in an unpredictable business and social context.

3.     Discover new business opportunities

Taking into account that this event will welcome thousands of attendees, hundreds of experts, and various stories and case studies, you’ll have the chance to discover new opportunities to expand your business through RPA implementation in ways you’ve never thought of. 

4.     Gain inside access to a community and deepen connections

UiPath Forward IV 2021 offers you access to a great community of automation adopters, and the possibility to meet other people who want to fuel digital transformation within their companies. 

Besides, the truth is people are eager to gather, after a long break due to the pandemic. Physical connections will always prevail over online meetings, as human energy could not be replaced by screens. So participating at this event will provide you the right context to expand your network.

5.     Make the first steps towards digital transformation 

Listening to successful stories about RPA implementation from top experts and partners might be the perfect incentive for you to start your own digital transformation journey within your company. 

Once you’ll see practical evidence about the way software robots could bring efficiency to your business workflow, you’ll be inspired to reach out to a reliable partner who could help you develop an automation strategy and start the implementation process.

We at Aggranda are an UiPath partner – using the RPA platform to develop software robots through integrated machine learning and AI technologies for clients from various business industries. If you’re curious to find out more, head over to our page containing over 20 RPA case studies with our previous work.


At this UiPath Conference, you’ll get inspired to start your automation journey immediately, because the pandemic only accelerated the pace of digital transformation. Therefore, automation became mandatory for building resilience, a crucial ingredient when it comes to the survival of a company. 

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