Hello, world! It’s time to have time.

Published on in Robotic Process Automation by Cristian Ignat

As you grow, as a person or as a company, time becomes your enemy. We want to turn time into your best friend:


Aggranda stems from the word aggrandize, which means to increase, to expand, or to magnify. All the benefits that Aggranda offers are about amplifying the most important things for you: time, productivity, team motivation, scaling, and quality.

Aggranda creates time with the help of software robots. These digital assistants take all the repetitive work that your company has and free up your team. With help from software robots people will have more time to focus on the tasks that really matter, that help them to grow in their career, and that help your company scale faster.

Software robots don’t make mistakes. The errors are reduced to zero.

In 2018 we attended all the major RPA events around the world: UiPath Forward in Bangalore, Miami, London, UiPath Together in NYC and Washington DC, Blue Prism World in London, and Imagine Automation Anywhere in London. We have learned from more than 100 webinars from all the major RPA players. In the end we have partnered with UiPath and use their technology to build software robots. We have created robots for the accounting industry, finance, human resources, retail, and logistics.

We believe that RPA will change the way people work today. On this blog you will find relevant RPA articles. We want to make this blog one of the best resources in RPA. We aim to write technical articles, analysis, trends, opinions, everything from our experience. We are transparent and honest about what we do. So, I would suggest that you bookmark this blog and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook because we have a lot to say that will help you increase the number of hours in your day.

Our company’s purpose is to make 8 hours / day enough for work. Any extra hours should be passed to the robots.