[Guest Post] Time Creators – 3rd place winner of RPA League Iași

Published on in Robotic Process Automation by Cristian Ignat

This is a series of guest blog posts written by the winners of the RPA League Challenge from Iași, Romania that happened on 29th June 2019. The members of the team entirely wrote this content.

Project Description


We got the project idea by noticing an issue that a team member of ours was facing at her day to day job: A lot of paperwork needed for a new employee. And it was time-consuming and error-prone. Redundant information required to be typed into multiple documents. Humans get bored when performing a lot of repetitive tasks (copy/paste/copy/paste/…and so on), and this makes them more susceptible to errors. And legal mistakes can lead to devastating repercussions. At the same time, the person that is responsible for creating paperwork for new employees must have a good understanding of legislative procedures


Why not split the job between software robots and humans? Humans can handle the inputting of the minimum necessary data, and robots can do the heavy lifting of repetitive copy-pasting and legal procedures.

Meet ANY: the robot that assists the HR staff and delivers 7 legal documents needed for new employees. In the process, it adds the record to “Revisal”, authenticates to “Reges” website and registers the employment. 

ANY is really easy to set-up. It runs on UiPath and needs an Excel database containing information regarding the company and jobs. You can find the demo docs here.

After ANY is started, the HR responsible person only needs to input some data into ANY’s user interface. (Employee identification, Salary, Starting date, etc). After, the robot can start its job: it adds the new employee to Revisal, exports .rvs and uploads it to Reges, is copy-pastes fields into documents, it sends an email to the HR user with final versions of all the needed documents. The robot currently works only for the Romanian market.

In the future, ANY will be a lot more sophisticated. It will have more document templates to choose from and will be able to do advanced form validations. Also, ANY will learn legislative particularities for other countries 

Who can use it:

  • Accountant companies that handle HR paperwork for their customers
  • Companies that have a fast in-out employee flow (Example: construction companies where workers come and go when they want)


When only human: 1 hour and 30 minutes (around 110 fields to type information in)

When human + robot: 

Human: 15 minutes (approximately 20 fields to type information in) and ANY: 5 minutes

Technologies Used: 

ANY is born and is running on the UiPath platform

Some of the technologies used can:

  • Read-Write Excel documents
  • “Alpaca” forms for UiPath
  • Securely store user credentials on UIPath Orchestrator
  • Process Word documents
  • Send email via Gmail

Print Screens:

The members of the Time Creators Team are Alexandru Busuioc, Anisoara Aionesei, Cezar Cobuz, Apostol Andrei.

The software robot can be found on UiPath Connect here.