Aggranda, a company that truly Aggrandize their employees

Published on in Robotic Process Automation by Luisa Stefan

This article is written by our colleague, Luisa Stefan. She joined Aggranda without experience in RPA and now she works on important Automation projects for some of our largest clients. At Aggranda, we are always hiring for attitude, not for skills.

Changing careers can be challenging, but with the will to succeed, perseverance and the correct mindset, you can get your dream rpa job faster than you think.

After accumulating the necessary information regarding the new field you are preparing to enter and after you feel confident that you can start practicing what have you learned, the next step is taken: start searching for a job.

As a future Junior employee, it is essential to land in a company that has a healthy organizational culture.  And here, it is not about the things they are promising on their website, job ads or interview, it’s all about what is happening after you start working there.

The behaviour and the philosophy of the company will have a tremendous impact on your professional development and career path. If the environment is proper for a person, that will lead to commitment, involvement, boosting confidence, growth, and dedication.

There are many stories around regarding bad experiences at workplaces, but that negative feedback can be just 1 in a thousand because out there are many companies that demolish any negative myths and creates the perfect environment to develop as a professional, and why not, as a person.

Aggranda is one of them!

When I landed the rpa job as a Junior RPA Developer in this company, 1 year and a half ago, I was very nervous, but my colleagues stood by my side and guided me. Metaphorically, they hold my hand step by step until I was able to walk on my own. Time has passed, and my Junior title is just a memory because I got a promotion and advanced to the next level, now I manage my own projects with some of the biggest international clients of the company and I am responsible to make my own decisions regarding my robots. After all this time, and after gathering all the realistic data, I can confirm that Aggranda makes dreams come true.

Why is this company the best place to work:

  • Aggranda believes in you: they hire for attitude first! The skills will be developed at the workplace. It is wonderful for a company to put trust in you and give you a chance and opportunity to prove yourself as a professional. This type of trust will create an ethical foundation to learn, develop and accumulate new skills to become very good at your job and not disappoint.
  • Aggranda has high-level trainers that will teach you the best practices to get all the jobs well done! Aka Gods. When entering the company, regardless of your level of experience, one of the Gods will take you under their wing and they will teach you tips and tricks about how to do a job well, with patience and understanding. Will encourage a newbie to ask questions because maybe not everything will be understood from the beginning.
  • Aggranda gives you the trust to handle projects and clients on your own in a short time after hiring, which is another boost of trust that you are doing your job good, that you are already growing, and that the professional path looks great! Of course, everything will be monitored by the Gods, but it will never feel like they are watching you or waiting for you to make a mistake.
  • Aggranda always has your back: if something goes wrong with a project or in communication with a client, they will never throw you under the bus! They will understand the situation and help you get out of the impasse.
  • At Aggranda, all the employees will help you, no matter what! Aka angels. Not only the Gods will be by your side, but also the colleagues will always be there for you. Even a small question will be transformed into a lesson that will be a guide on how to get out of different situations in projects, which will help you in the long run.
  • Aggranda has an organisational chart. There are people with different levels of experience in each department, but when working with them on projects, they never make you feel inferior, in case your level of experience is lower than theirs.
  • Aggranda doesn’t overload you with work! They see the employees as humans first, they know that they have limits, and they take care immediately of the matter if the workload is increasing. They distribute the projects in a fair way, and they keep in mind the level of experience when they assign the new projects, so the person in charge of delivering not to be overwhelmed by the difficulty level of the task.
  • Aggranda always sees you: in silence, they keep track of your progress, and they recognized it with constructive feedback and rewards.
  • Aggranda shows transparency: Everything is discussed in detail and without covering the unpleasant parts of the company’s life.

And finally, one of the many reasons why this is an amazing company is the fact that Aggranda is a FRIEND. Is there for you in case of a personal problem, you can talk openly about any professional aspect, and it will make sure that everything will be successfully overcome.

Aggranda gives you TIME to adapt and learn, and the opportunity TO GROW. Never settle for less!