RPA Internship 2021 – Finalists

Published on in Robotic Process Automation by Marius Vrancianu

We’re really proud to announce this year’s Internship Finalists!

The 2021 Internship just ended last Friday, after 45 days of hard work and research from the participants. It was quite a journey, with plenty of growth opportunities – both for the interns and for us.

We’re glad to conclude that everyone involved had their share of Development, be it RPA or personal development. 🙂

Out of 100+ internship applicants, 7 made it with the final project by submitting a fully-functional, end-to-end automation they have designed and built on the UiPath Platform. Congratulations are in order to the below finalists, for their patience, dedication and, above all, willingness to learn (alphabetically ordered):

  • Alin Daniel NituRomania, with ”HRobot”, helping recruiters speed up their search of potential candidates on LikedIn. 
  • Arthur Cristian RotaruRomania, with ”CryptoFollower” – an automated assistant, useful to any cryptocurrency investor or enthusiast. 
  • Axel Nahuel De la Cruz Argentina, with a bot that helps people automatically generate their daily COVID-19-pass certificates, necessary during lockdown.
  • Gregory Okechukwu OffodumNigeria, with an automation suitable for the Accounting department, that classifies and extracts relevant information from native *.pdf receipts and invoices. 
  • Lucian CristeaRomania, by automating an often-encountered process in security systems: generating the per-employee random codes necessary to arm and disarm the unit. 
  • Ravi PuvvulaUnited Kingdom, with a modular automation for the HR department, capable of searching and scraping potential candidate info from either LinkedIn or other platforms. 
  • Valentin George BaltoiRomania, with “Suitless” – a bot that automates the menial-manual admin work performed by interns and attorney assistants in law firms.

If you’re interested in our future Internship Programs, feel free to follow us on LinkedIn or stay tuned on our blog – more is yet to come with the best project submissions and feedback from the participants!

Time. To learn.