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Unlocking Efficiency with UiPath Automation at Cargus

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Unlocking Efficiency with UiPath Automation at Cargus

Cargus and UiPath: Transforming Courier Operations

Cargus, the pioneering courier company in the Romanian market, has leveraged the power of UiPath automation to revolutionize its operations. With over 30 years of experience, Cargus has fostered an extensive ecosystem of over 5,000 employees and partners. The company’s leadership is dedicated to enhancing the quality of work life, and this commitment led to a strategic collaboration with Aggranda to harness the capabilities of UiPath software robots.

Streamlining Route Tracking with UiPath Automation

One notable instance is the process of distinguishing between work-related and personal travel for Cargus couriers. UiPath automation comes into play through a feature known as “Track GPS,” which expertly tracks and categorizes these routes into distinct work or travel categories. Previously, this task necessitated manual intervention by Cargus employees. Now, UiPath software robots seamlessly perform the Track GPS function, diligently recording routes and generating essential files. Furthermore, these robots calculate the total distance driven and promptly notify relevant parties about any modifications made.

  • Automating the Track GPS process saves time and reduces the likelihood of errors.
  • UiPath software robots complete the process 10 times faster than a human worker.

Timesheet Modification Made Swift with UiPath Software Robots

Beyond route tracking, UiPath automation also extends its benefits to Cargus’ timesheets. Previously, Cargus’ timekeeping specialists were tasked with modifying timesheets to align with a myriad of business rules and regulations. Today, UiPath software robots are well-versed in these rules and regulations, effortlessly adjusting timesheets accordingly. As a result, the timesheet modification process is now completed 5 times faster, thanks to RPA.

Automating Reports for Faster Results

Finally, Cargus and Aggranda have jointly automated a specific report that was once a labor-intensive task. In the past, the Accounting department had to consolidate data from various reports to create a “Report for Compensation of Mutual Debts.” This required accountants to manually email these documents to Cargus’ partners. Enter UiPath robots, which now take care of the repetitive steps involved in this process. These robots autonomously issue and email the reports, performing the entire process a remarkable 15 times faster than before.

Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity

These UiPath-driven processes are executed with punctuality, consistency, and remarkable speed, making them a testament to the transformative power of robotic process automation. Thanks to the forward-thinking collaboration between Cargus’ leadership and Aggranda, employees are now liberated from mundane tasks like copy and paste, allowing them to focus on more meaningful work.

In summary, theseĀ UiPath software robots have not only streamlined Cargus’ operations but have also ushered in a new era of efficiency and productivity across various processes, epitomizing the potential of robotic process automation in the modern business landscape.