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Terrapinn’s Financial Transformation: 3,000+ Hours / year Saved

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3,000 hours / year

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Terrapinn’s Financial Transformation: 3,000+ Hours / year Saved

Terrapinn is a global events company dedicated to promoting innovation and technology that transforms lives across various industries.
The company’s financial department wanted to find a way to increase the speed of its operations, ensure timeliness and eliminate human error through automation.

Terrapinn partnered with Aggranda, and together we automated processes that save more than 3000 hours annually.

The FX Rates Update Automation streamlines the monthly process that updates foreign exchange rates for Terrapinn offices across the globe.

Terrapinn ensures accurate financial reporting by automating the collection of exchange rates from trusted providers, including banks, financial institutions, and government agencies. Now, Terrapinn updates foreign exchange rates 20 times faster than before.

With the Cash Entries and Banking automation, Terrapinn simplified the management of payment records and invoice processing. By automating cash entry creation, matching, and payment status updates, Terrapinn saves over 1,700 hours yearly across multiple Terrapinn offices from Dubai, London, New York, and Singapore, empowering teams to focus on value-adding activities.

The Email Credit Control automation transformed the collections process by automating email reminders for overdue invoices.

By leveraging Salesforce reports and automated email triggers, Terrapinn enhances collections efficiency across diverse geographic regions, improving cash flow and reducing manual effort.

The Royalty Fee automation simplified the calculation and posting of quarterly royalty payments. By automating report exports, payment calculations, and journal postings, Terrapinn ensures timely and accurate royalty processing, reducing manual processing time from hours to minutes.

The Sales Invoice Automation enabled compliant invoice generation for transactions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
By automating invoice creation and distribution, Terrapinn ensures compliance with local tax laws and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Through these innovative Automation solutions, Terrapinn has empowered businesses to streamline operations, enhance accuracy, and drive efficiency.

In total, Terrapinn saves more than 3,000 hours per year, so the team can allocate that time to tasks more relevant to them.