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Saving 10,000 hours / year with Document Understanding

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10,000 / year

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5 FTEs

Saving 10,000 hours / year with Document Understanding

Greenpoint, a leader in Extended Producer Responsibility, ensures compliance with legislation by verifying over 100,000 essential documents annually, including handwritten invoices and notices.

Greenpoint partnered with Aggranda to cut the annual manual labor of a five-person team by over 10,000 hours.

Our solution leverages UiPath’s Document Understanding, a tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to help process documents.

The automation handles daily data extraction from over 100 different document formats, even handwritten invoices as you can see on the screen, enhancing speed, accuracy, and reducing human intervention.

By bringing this solution onboard, Greenpoint leadership has demonstrated its commitment to a workplace with happy employees, engaging in meaningful work and NOT the copy and paste drudgery.