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RPA Example in Legal Services

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RPA Example in Legal Services

NNDKP is one of the leading leading law firms in Romania. For law firms, accuracy and attention to detail are crucial. When laws change, they need to inform their clients immediately.

This is why NNDKP partnered with Aggranda to develop an automation solution using Eve, the digital assistant from UiPath. Eve is designed to help NNDKP lawyers and other law enforcement employees save time every day.

Eve keeps up with the latest updates regarding legislative changes. It checks more than 20 sources, collecting the latest news and articles regarding legislative changes from several institutions like the Government, Court of Justice, European Environmental Protection Agency, and many others. 

Eve works more than 8 hours a day, and notifies the NNDKP team about any changes. 

Thanks to Eve, NNDKP’s clients are always the first to know when their business might be affected by a change in legislation.