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Jorah: The software robot in Finance @Provident

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Jorah: The software robot in Finance @Provident

Jorah is a software robot built on the UiPath platform from Provident finance team. Every Thursday, Jorah is helping his colleagues from the finance department to centralize all the installment payments received from Provident clients. The process consists of transforming 8 bank statements into one single journal and adding the new transactions to the source Journal.

The transformation process is very complex. Each bank statement is formatted in a specific way, and each statement contains more transaction types.

The work is performed using excel only, and some of the skills required to process all the data are: filtering, pivoting, adding new columns with various string manipulation formulas, copying/pasting, deduplicating information, and performing various calculations. Because it’s a finance process all calculations need to be 100% precise.

The process MUST be completed on the same day because other departments depend on this file. The process is critical and carries a HUGE responsibility.