5 Reasons to Attend UiPath Together in Amsterdam

Published on in Robotic Process Automation by Cristian Ignat

if you’ve been looking for a reason to get together in person with your RPA colleagues, the perfect opportunity is coming soon. UiPath Together comes to Amsterdam on November 24. More than 400 attendees will participate in a full day of collaboration and connection. The event promises to deliver the inspiration we all need for innovation.

Look Forward to the Future of Work

The recent UiPath Forward IV conference focused on the future of work, and the Together Amsterdam event will continue that theme. Attendees will have an opportunity to explore how the fully automated enterprise helps unlock human potential by freeing people to do the work that matters most.

Over 17 different sessions, Together Amsterdam will dive into how UiPath customers have found better ways to work through automation. The meeting sessions will include ample opportunity for conversation and debate over emerging topics in RPA and the future of work. The evening will include an opportunity for networking with fellow RPA professionals, including UiPath partners and customers.

Staying Safe at UiPath Together Amsterdam

UiPath is taking extra measures to ensure that everyone feels safe at Together Amsterdam. To that end, they’re striving to surpass health and safety regulations in the Netherlands. The capacity of the Keynote Theater, which has the capacity for 700, will be limited to 400 seats. The venue also supports substantial interaction outdoors and offers wide-open spaces. The venue will also offer hand sanitizer stations, excellent ventilation, and continuous cleaning.

This information may evolve, so please check the event page for the latest updates. Attendees are also encouraged to download the Coronacheck app before they arrive, to verify their vaccination status.

Five Reasons to Attend UiPath Together Amsterdam

We’re excited to attend Together Amsterdam, and we hope to see you there! The event is open to UiPath customers; prospective customers; sponsoring and invited partners from Benelux; industry and financial analysts; and UiPath employees.

Still on the fence about attending? Here are five reasons to register today.

1. Connect with Leading RPA Experts

UiPath Together Amsterdam includes 17 different sessions, featuring some of the best RPA practitioners from around the globe. You’ll have an opportunity to hear insights and get practical tips from UiPath team members, partners, and customers. They’ll share their wisdom on how to start a successful digital transformation, how automation is driving the future of work, and the power of automation for helping humans reach their full potential.

2. Augment Your Knowledge of RPA

UiPath Together Amsterdam is the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge of RPA. You’ll have the opportunity to choose among diverse session topics to pursue the areas of this broad discipline that best fit with your own educational objectives. Focus on the sessions that will best help your company grow in an unpredictable business environment.

3. Discover New Ways to Take Advantage of RPA

You’ll hear from UiPath leaders, partners, and customers who have incorporated automation into their business processes in creative, novel ways. They’ll share case studies and success stories that will help you see new opportunities to expand the use of RPA in your own organization.

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4. Become an Insider in a Tight-Knit Professional Community

After many months of isolation, we’re eager to gather–and we bet you are, too. UiPath Together Amsterdam is the ideal opportunity to get together with hundreds of other people who are just as passionate about RPA as you are. You’ll expand your professional network and enjoy getting back into the rhythm of in-person interactions…which will always beat meetings through a screen.

5. Chart Your Path for Digital Transformation

Whether your company has already started using RPA, or you’re brand new to automation, Together Amsterdam will provide the inspiration and knowledge you need to move forward with digital transformation. You’ll see real-life examples of how software robots can bring new efficiency to your business processes and workflows. You’ll also meet trusted UiPath partners who can support your organization in developing a robust automation strategy and a comprehensive implementation plan.

6. UiPath Together Amsterdam is FREE.

We promised five reasons but also had to mention this one: Together Amsterdam is a free event. Few professional conferences offer such extraordinary value. You’ll gain invaluable insights on propelling your company forward toward the future of work and becoming a fully automated enterprise.


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